Customer service kudos

Rarely do we read about positive customer service, and I felt the need to share this!

My husband and I went looking for a new fridge, with specific model, after searching other stores, not an easy find.

With a stroke of luck for us, Home Depot had the exact one on their floor.

We went ahead and ordered it. Delivery came and although it looked exactly as the floor model, it was not the same. The delivery crew were great, took it back without issue.

I quickly called the store department, explained the specifics to the manager of the appliance department. She patiently listened, as to why the model, on the floor, was the one we wanted. She explained that floor models were not allowed to be purchased, but would try to work her magic with the manufacturer to allow us to purchase that model.

She and her crew did it.

Everyone we spoke with thru this process, from original sales person, to department managers and delivery crews were so understanding and kind.

Thank you, West Kelowna Home Depot.

Andrew & Cathryn Kiesewetter

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