Traffic a nightmare

I have lived here for 30 years and have witnessed the growth of the Okanagan Valley. We are not a little town anymore and we are a big city with nowhere to go.

I was at SaveOn foods in West Kelowna and at 2 p.m. the traffic was backed up to Westgate Road heading into Kelowna again. This is a regular occurrence here now, hours to get into Kelowna.

Do you think the tourists here will be back again? I think not. It is a shame I can’t even leave my home without spending more time behind the wheel instead of being where I need to be.

All I read about is the developers bidding on jobs to build more accommodations for more people to live here. We can’t handle the traffic now, how are we going to handle the traffic in the future? You can’t build a city if you have no road structure to move the traffic. Where is our second bridge? Why are the lights at Abbott not always green going into Kelowna.

When you have children involved with running your city then the results speak for themselves. The city has to go after the provincial government and the provincial government need to address the federal government about out traffic situation here. First, the city council needs to be heard and our provincial highways minister needs to get involved to solve this nightmare here.

We do elect people here to solve these problems don’t we?

Daniel King

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