Canada compared to Russia

A bill of rights and a constitution only have power if we stand up for them.

They are to act as guard rails to prevent government and police from overreach and abuse of power. They exist to protect us from government, not each other. There is no “greater good” that is more important than keeping governments accountable.

We take these documents for granted, believing they are static and absolute, meaning we do not have to do anything to protect and enforce them. They will just always be there and they will always be followed and respected.

How many of you feel that Russia is a free country, with freedom of press, free to speak, free from government oppression, where political opponents are not killed, arrested or charged with crimes to prevent opposition?

We have all watched Russia jail political opponents, the press and citizens for challenging the government. Protesting is not allowed if the government is embarrassed. People routinely die in custody under mysterious circumstances.

Most would say Russia is not a democracy, and the press, political opponents and others would agree. Speak out against Russia and pay the price.

Here is some news for you. Russia is a democracy. It is a republic with powers divided among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, similar to the U.S. It even has a constitution and a bill of rights, which "guarantee" many of the same rights we supposedly have in Canada and the U.S.

But those documents mean nothing in Russia if the government determines its actions are for the “greater good” of Mother Russia.


For those of you who supported (recent Canadian) government and police “overreach,” claiming it was for the greater good, you really need to look at Russia. Its citizens have most of the same protections and rights we do, yet no one will ever say it is a free country. In fact, it is rated very low on human rights and freedoms.

Why are the public, press and political opponents so fearful of the Russia government? Over history. Russian leaders used fear to prevent people from standing up and fighting back. If the press does not align with the government narrative, (reporter and editors) are arrested for spreading "disinformation".

This just happened in Russia over the Ukraine war.

If political opposition starts to threaten the establishment, the justice system will fabricate crimes to arrest and imprison opponents, and in some cases assassinate them. If people protest against the government, they are arrested and held in jail for a long periods of time, charged with petty crimes that normally are not even enforced. These are all fear-based tactics to warn people. Do not oppose us, or else.

Where else are we seeing these same tactics?

For me and others like me, we are the last few who continue to demand accountability of police and governments. There is nothing a government should impose in the name of the greater good.

We need to push back, everyday, with determination and resolve, for the "real" greater good, or, we will wake up one day in a Russian-style state, and not know how we got here.

Well, some of us will know exactly how we got here.

Kim Dobranski, Kelowna

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