Don't kill the wildlife

The walrus, Freya, has been killed by Norwegian officials. Why do humans do this?

Mankind continues to pollute the earth, the global population continues to grow exponentially and global warming, as we have seen in the last 150 years, continues to increase. It is happening, it is reality and it will continue despite the environmental actions our governments are taking. It will only be halted when we stop the growth of our population.

(Situations like) Freya’s will become a more regular sight in the waters around countries like Norway, and for sure the Netherlands too.

Are we going to kill them all just to guarantee the safety of people?

In Canada, we have way more wildlife than in Europe. We expand our cities with huge suburbs. Deer eat our plants and hedges and nicely planted cedars and we complain about the damage these deers do to the artificial world we have created.

I read letters written to newspapers by people calling for government action to do something about the deer. We humans invaded their natural habitat. Are we going to shoot them all?

Ronald Ratgers

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