Not enough doctors for all

The federal government is actively promoting annual immigration of more than over 400,000 immigrants to Canada.

That's not including the recent influx of tens of thousands of Afghans and Ukrainians. Once here, these people become "the problem" of provincial governments when it comes to actual support.

Since there are now more than a million B.C. residents without access to a regular family doctor (its’s fair to say 10 million across Canada), I wonder where the (government) thinks these (new arrivals) are going to find a doctor?

Given that I read doctors have approximately 1,000 people on their patient lists, where does (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau think the additional 500 family physicians are going to come from, when the number of doctors and nurses is actually decreasing? But then that's not his problem, is it?

I hope the 10 million (across Canada without a family doctor) remember this when the next federal election rolls around or, do we have to dig up (the late former Saskatchewan premier and father of public healthcare in Canada) Tommy Douglas to get this Canada health crisis fixed?

Alan Sanderson

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