Remove all mandates now

Since the CDC is no longer differentiating between unvaccinated and vaccinated people, it’s time (B.C. provincial health officer Dr. ) Bonnie Henry removed the mandates still in place against the unvaccinated in B.C.

I believe these mandates remain because they don’t affect many. Most of us are walking around mask-free, believing all mandates have been removed. Sadly this isn’t the case in British Columbia.

There are mandates still in place for public servants, health-care and community health centre workers, as well as workers and visitors to long-term care homes.

(Health Minister) Adrian Dix believes they are justified due to the pandemic not being over. What? It seems an odd conclusion given what is happening in the rest of the world.

Have you been to Valley Labs, or are waiting for a call to get an ultrasound, X-ray or surgery? Have you needed to be seen in emergency, only to find out it is shut down? Then you know what a mess B.C.’s government has made of our health care system.

The sign at Valley Labs stating “unexpected staffing shortages” after unvaccinated medical staff were fired is laughable. Dix (appears to) think we’re stupid.

It’s time to put pressure on the government and demand the removal of all mandates.

Please take a moment for those affected and write to your MLA, Henry, Dix and (Premier) John Horgan and let them know it’s time to revaluate their stand and remove all mandates.

Janeen Langlois, Kelowna

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