Kelowna complaints

Once a very desirable place to live, our beautiful city (Kelowna)has become a mecca for the unwanted and undesirables.

The crime rate is out of sight and it is not safe to walk downtown at night. The waterfront that was once a great place for families and children is now a hazard, due to panhandling and constant unwanted soliciting. Property owners who have rented to tenants that do not follow the rental agreements do not have the right to evict as the “ineptocrats” seem to always side with the tenants.

The issuing of building permits has ruined the skyline of downtown Kelowna and the lack of foresight in planning the main and arterial routes of a city that lies at the bottom of a small and narrow valley have burdened us with a horrendous problem of traffic congestion and major parking dilemmas.

It seems that you cannot walk anywhere without being accosted or threatened, and we now have a fully operational pimp ring that preys on young and vulnerable women. It is not even safe to go into a bank to use a cash machine and it is even more unsafe to use a drive through bank terminal.

Why are we in this position?

Much of the blame has to fall on the city council, especially over the last decade. On the subject of issuing building permits, no city councillor whose main job is in the realty business should be allowed to vote on such topics as it is a conflict of interest.

I would suggest in future all municipal councillors elected should have their full-time job description identified somewhere on the city website so that there is no confusion.

The (municipal) elections are here in October and Kelowna needs to change for its survival and to get back to its roots as a safe city for people to live in and as a safe city to visit. The police need more support and the power to act.

Cut the red tape. Now you can do what you like and there are no consequences for breaking the law.

There is one candidate in the (upcoming) election who has beaten the sidewalk and visited every single home in the area that I live in and who tells me one thing—he is aware and on the right track. I know how I am going to vote.

Michael Henderson, Kelowna

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