180-day wait for X-ray

Re. Jeffery M Simon’s letter X-ray wait times 'nonsense' (Castanet, Aug. 11)

My husband has been waiting since March, more than 180 days, for a simple X-ray, not 60 days.

First his requisition was sent to Medical Imaging on Richter Street (in Kelowna). Then it closed due to (having) no staff and it was sent back to the doctor, who then sent it to Kelowna General Hospital. It is now confirmed for the beginning September.

Currently, there are only two places to get an X-ray in the Kelowna area. One is in West Kelowna and the other is at KGH. It is ridiculous.

(My husband) has been in extraordinary pain waiting for a proper diagnosis. This is totally unacceptable and our MLAs need to do something to correct this situation.

Marilyn McNamara

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