Penticton municipal 'cops'

Re. Brian Kettle's letter Enforce beach bylaws (Castanet, Aug. 11)

I fully agree with the writer suggesting Penticton bylaw officers patrol the Okanagan and Skaha beaches for litter and rule violators.

People who say "I can afford the fine” do not sit well with me. A court appearance would be forthcoming.

I have always had concerns with the bylaw officers just ticketing the expired meters, avoiding personal contact. This may be the direction of (city) management, I believe. Many properties in Penticton have to keep up their yards and bylaw will only act on complaints from neighbours and the public. I was told that a few weeks ago by the Penticton bylaw (department).

My management skills tell me to be a leader and not a follower. I would push for municipal policing to handle bylaw infractions and also traffic violators to first educate and (then hand out) fine more serious for repeat infractions.

The RCMP are far too busy to do these tasks. Penticton city council must take a new direction to keep Penticton clean and law-abiding.

Train bylaw officers to be municipal police and effect positive change for the better in Penticton.

Victor Rasiles, Penticton

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