Idling ban hurts tourism

Re. 1 minute idling now the law (Castanet, Aug. 11)

So Kelowna is now on board with a one-minute idle time for your vehicle.

Well B.C., I guess you guys don't like the tourist money here.

These people come with their families, kids, elderly and pets. They spend good money here to keep the B.C. tourism economy going.

I'd also say B.C. has, pretty much, a tourist economy—not like any other provinces that actually have jobs beside tourism.

When the tourism season hits in the summer, and the environmentalists say each year will be hotter, I hope this bylaw makes (visitors) go to other provinces and B.C. gets the short end of the stick.

How is this any different then waiting at a light in Kelowna for more than five minutes because the roads here cannot accommodate the amount of people who live here, near mind the number of tourists on our roads—roads that are 20 years behind.

Wake up smell the coffee. Kelowna deserves the lack of tourism this will (create).

Hey Canadian government, why don't you go after the billionaires who fly to space for 10 minutes? We all know how much those 10-minute rides pollute our environment.

Dereck Allard

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