Enforce beach bylaws

I live on Lakeshore drive in Penticton and walk the beach most everyday.

The beach and sidewalks are being used as garbage dumps. You can find dirty diapers, old food boxes, numerous coffee cups and just plain old garbage polluting our lake and beach.

There is no excuse for dumping garbage on the beach, sidewalk , and in the lake, as there are numerous garbage cans along the walkway.

I suggest anyone who is caught throwing their trash on the beach, sidewalks and in the lake , be fined $5,000 for a first offence and $10,000 for a second offence and so on.

This has to stop and only (the city’s) bylaw (department) can make this happen by using walking patrols along the beach.

There are people bathing their dogs in the water and are not even caring that no dogs are allowed on the beach. I approached a fellow doing this on the beach and informed him of the signs and a possible fine from bylaw. His reply was he could afford the fine as he makes lots of money.

Really, what is wrong with these people? They only care about themselves and nobody else. (They think) laws do not apply to them.

Let’s wake up Penticton, and have these laws enforced before it is too late to save our beautiful lake.

Stand up and say something before that happens.

Brian Kettle

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