Keep 'bad' plastics out

Grades No. 1 PETE and No. 2 HDPE are recyclable plastics, while Grades 3 to 7 are tougher to recycle and not feasible (to b part of recycling program).

I would suggest Grades 3 to 7 be banned from coming into Canada, while allowing only Grades 1 and 2.

Most undesirable packaging arrives from China and Asian countries. Shopping bags in Indonesia are made from the Cassava vegetable root plant mixed with starch. Those bags will dissolve in the land fill as compost. They are environment friendly. One can (even) eat it.

Why is no big store taking the lead in using them? Some big company has to take the lead and not be a follower.

Those bags will solve the use of paper bags and lessen the “I forgot my recyclable cloth bags in the car” (dilemma).

Maybe the Cassava plant can be used for straws, as it can be also be digested. These ideas can be common sense approaches to bad plastics.

Again, do not allow bad plastics into our country. It is garbage and litter.

Millions of coffee lids and six-pack beer and pop rings can be composted in landfills and not in the oceans .

Gary West, Penticton

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