X-ray wait times 'nonsense'

Open letter to Kelowna West MLA Ben Stewart re. X-ray wait times in Kelowna

We need to start making a lot of noise!

This is nonsense. I'm throwing in my cards....literally. I’m willing to pay for a private MRI and travel to the U.S. to do so.

It is total (nonsense) that in Kelowna, even an X-ray that is non-emergency—while the patient is experiencing level 7+-level pain—has an estimated wait time of 60 days. Let's not even talk about an MRI, that (wait time) might be measured better in months!

In what medical environment is this considered even partially acceptable?

As our MLA, even though you are in the Opposition, it is time to ask questions—loudly and repeatedly until the government acts. The system is so badly broken and unresponsive to concerns.

Are Vancouverites experiencing the same waits?

(Premier John) Horgan was able to jump the queue for treatment while the rest of us can't even get diagnosed.

Jeffrey M. Simon, Kelowna

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