Air conditioners for seniors

After publishing my Aug. 8 column on Castanet, “Looking for a place to live”, I was informed nothing has changed at that aging, low-income seniors’ facility.

The tenants remain desperate for relief from the heat, which killed 619 elderly British Columbian’s during last year’s “heat dome.” Some residents are sleeping outdoors, with one eye open sitting on lawn chairs because their tiny suites are unbearable at 39 C (103 F).

It is predicted these hot weather extremes will rise to 50 days per year over the next three decades.

In order to help them, I am looking for donations of energy efficient, new or newer model, gently used portable air conditioners in working order, from the public and/or corporations.

The common area the tenants share provides no respite either during the day and a larger machine would help cool that space, where they could watch TV together or just hang out. Travelling to cooling centres during the day isn’t an option for many of them.

If you have an A/C unit that is collecting dust in your basement and is a newer model and in good working order, please consider donating it. Along with this I need a business that’s willing to allow for drop-off and temporary storage until I can pick them up and take the units to these vulnerable seniors.

I will post pictures of some donated units at their new home where possible.

Please write to me at [email protected] if you can help.

Thank you in advance for giving a life-saving gift of air conditioning to these elderly folk.

In the event I received more than they need, I will advertise them on Castanet to give them away to others who could use a unit. I will, however, not be able to provide a charitable receipt to those contributing.

Doreen Zyderveld-Hagel, Kelowna

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