Wants renewable energy

I fully realize that without oil the world economy would grind to a halt.

But I dislike oil companies and what they leave behind. There are more than 170,000 abandoned oil wells in Canada that have not been cleaned up by the oil companies.

Inactive wells have increased by more than 50% between 2015 and 2020, and the problems get worse. Who is left to pay for these cleanups? (The average cost is $76,000 per well) We, the taxpayers, or the landowners. That’s who.

Many abandoned wells are leaking methane and what will be the environmental impact of increased future leaks? Half the wells in Alberta no longer produce oil or gas but have not been cleaned up by the oil companies—just leave the problems with taxpayers or our grandchildren to deal with.

The Alberta Tar sands produce the dirtiest oil in the world. I have no problem if the oil companies or investors would build oil refineries on site and pipe clean oil but the companies refuse to pay for the cost of cleanup of bitumen should a leak occur in a pipeline. I have a problem with that.

As for the Liberal government’s debt and its support to the needy, I defend the decisions that were made because I believe things had to get done and I haven’t heard logical alternatives from (front-running Conservative leadership candidate) Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative(Opposition).

I want them to tell me what they would have done differently, instead of just attacking Liberal decisions.

There were more than 314 clean energy projects ongoing across Canada as of July this year, and funding is available for many more. All one has to do is Google “Clean Energy Canada – Bullfrog.”

Canada’s economy was ranked as the ninth strongest in the world in 2020 and is projected to have the strongest growth of the G7 countries in 2022.

Our economy can easily withstand the measures the government has undertaken to see us through the current global inflation and pandemic.

I just don’t believe the Conservatives would have done better. All I hear from Poilievre is attack-dog criticism and no solutions, other than to fire (the Bank of Canada governor) and cut costs for polluters. I welcome genuine solutions that recognize fossil fuels are not renewable and it is time for renewable energy use – for the sake of future generations.

Patrick MacDonald

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