Unhappy with KGH

Re. Interior Health and its policy of not allowing Canadians who did not (receive a COVID-19 vaccination) the right to visit patients in Kelowna General Hospital.

Interior Health’s vision is “Health and well being for all.”

After a recent abdominal surgery, I had the displeasure of spending three nights in KGH. I am an old-age pensioner and caregiver for my 90-year-old mother. We both chose not to have the (vaccine) for personal reasons.

I was placed in a room with four beds and the other three patients had visitors constantly coming and going, but my family members were not allowed to visit. Covid 19 vaccination has been proven not to protect against getting Covid or giving it to other people. So why was I subjected to being infected?

On the Saturday morning, a nurse came to complain my son was causing a disturbance at the entrance, as they would not let him visit. I got out of bed and made my way to the main building. As I went out of the hospital, I collapsed sobbing into the arms of my son who was also crying.

We had to visit in the 30 C heat on a bench near the street. It was a short visit due to the pain I was in and the heat, but it was great to get hugs and a bar of soap and headphones.

I managed to get back to my room and text my son that I made it and after calling for pain medication, I spent the rest of the afternoon sleeping.

This is just so wrong to discriminate and deny people human contact. I can relate to all the elderly people who were locked away in care homes with no one allowed to visit.

I think Interior Health should be more concerned with the staffing shortages, the dirty floors and piled up “soiled linen bags” in the hallways, not to mention the disgusting cheap stuff they pass off as food. No wonder I heard doctors advising patients to have food brought in.

I do commend the nursing staff, who were obviously under massive pressure due to staffing shortages, and I found that under the circumstances, they were doing the best they could. Only 35% of staff were on shift.

Maybe the upper management should get on the frontline and see what is really going on.

This is July, what is going to happen this winter. I dread to think.

Annette Kulcheski, Lake Country

(Editor's note: Being vaccinated significantly reduces the chance of testing positive for COVID-19, as well as reducing the adverse effects of the virus if infected, according to the Centres For Disease Control.)

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