What if oil stopped?

Re. Support for "Big Oil" lawsuit (Castanet, Aug. 8)

Today, I would like to respond to your article about a lawsuit against “Big Oil.”

It reads that 69 percent of B.C. residents support such a lawsuit.

If this lawsuit goes through I would advise all CEOs of these companies to stop their production facilities immediately for three months. Let us see what would happen.

Our semis, other trucks, SUVs and small sedans would all come to a standstill. Even our e-vehicles would stop, as there wouldn’t be any delivery of spare parts anymore—no tires to replace the warn out ones and no electricity to recharge their batteries.

Our supermarkets would soon be empty as all supplies would stop.

Our ambulances would stop driving, so sorry for those who need emergency transport to the nearest hospital. Our medivac airplanes would stop flying to Indigenous reserves way up north in Manitoba, Alberta etc. to pick up sick people to transport them to bigger cities in the south for life-saving treatment.

Residents in the huge suburbs with their mini lots would have to start growing their own potatoes, tomatoes and beans on lots not bigger than 0.1of an acre.

I bet you the first ones to start screaming for a restart of the oil and gas facilities, would be those who today voted in the poll that they support a lawsuit against “Big Oil.”

Ronald Ratgers

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