Handgun ban wrong

So the legal bill to ban the sale and transfer of handguns did not legally get passed in Parliament before everyone went on holiday.

Sales increased on handguns because people want to own and sport shoot as a hobby and sport. No one is harmed in that hobby.

First, most crimes with handguns (the vast majority, according to police) are with illegal handguns illegally brought in from the U.S. So what does our government do? It introduces a bill that will limit legal ownership. In fact, no new legal owners will exist. How's that going to work out on cutting down on crime?

I guess the criminals coming up in the ranks won't get their hands on handguns because they won't be able to get a permit and it is illegal to buy, sell or trade, so therefore they just can't get them. Right!

Second, sales increased with the failure of the bill to pass immediately (democracy at work and "vacation" of parliament). So let's think hard here. Let’s bypass Parliamentary process (legal processes) and decide arbitrarily that now importers of handguns need permits.

But wait, let's state unequivocally we will not issue said permits and state this is just a temporary measure until the bill passes, which it hasn't yet and might not. So it's temporary until it’s permanent. How is that temporary??

(Public Safety) Minister Marco Mendocino stated in a CBC interview he enjoyed working with other Parliamentarians to get things done, yet he and the other minister have hatched a plan (found a loophole law not intended for this purpose) to bypass Parliament and dictate the government's wishes on its citizens.

Our government is reminding me of the old movies where the sheriffs hold people up from ransom using shady practices and shady applications of existing laws.

Is that the government we want? Its up to us.

Dennis Miller

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