WFN candidate concerns

The Westbank First Nation general election is happening next month.

There are some good candidates and some I would not vote for. I would like to see money put towards things that matter.

Last time (candidate and former chief) Roxanne Lindley was chief, she spent millions of dollars on band school renovations and other housing construction but she forgot about some important issues.

Pine Acres Home was deteriorating at a rapid pace and was left to rot. Residents of the care home were living in an old building that needed attention. She flew to Belgium with her assistant and brought along some WFN youths to make it seem worthwhile for a conference using WFN government dollars. It seemed a little far away to attend a conference.

(Another candidate and former chief) Robert Louie was the mastermind behind a failed private hospital deal that cost the WFN $8 million plus interest on a loan from the bank to buy back more than 12 acres of high-value real estate along Highway 97 that sold for approximately $2.5 million plus shares in a company called AdVitam. That miscalculated deal dwarfs the botched Peachland WFN land sale that has been in the news. Lost out big time.

The WFN has yet to make a significant amount of money from the shopping mall partnership it entered into, leasing many acres of land for small amounts of money for 99 years. Another mishap masterminded by Louie as chief.

We have to vote for a competent council and time will tell if (WFN) members make the right decisions when voting.

Graeme Derrickson, Westbank First Nation

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