Cops not alone with housing

Re. Police squeezed by housing (Castanet, Aug. 4)

I am totally broken-hearted that police officers earning $62,210 a year can not afford to live in Kelowna .

That is their starting salary. It increases as they stay on job and are promoted.

There is a shortage of officers? How many are on suspended paid leave?

What about seniors and minimum wage earners who live on less than $24,000 a year and still survive?

We (in the Kelowna area) have the highest crime rate in Canada. Maybe (the RCMP) should sell the $1 million (ERT) “tank” it drags out every time some one sneezes and hire more officers or give (existing officers) a raise .

Jerry Gilkinson

(Editors note: According to the RCMP website the starting salary of a constable after successfully completing the cadet training program is $62,210 and it increases to as much as $102,418 after three years.)

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