Charge to full extent of law

Re. Candice McKendry’s letter Tree poisoner in the area? (Castanet, Aug. 4)

Whoever is responsible for this poisoning:

1. You've killed other trees with this poison and the poison is on the soil as well which will affect other growth wind up in the groundwater and eventually wind up in our lake, just like round-up does (which, by the way, should be outlawed because of the damage it can do).

2. Trees (I don't care if they are invasive or not) provide oxygen, shade, etc. Where I live, a very large beautiful tree in front of the lake was cut down because it obstructed the owner's view of the lake. In the summer, in (temperatures) over 30 C, it's unbearable to sit there (without) shade.

3. I hope you're caught and are charged to the full extent of the law for this and if you can't pay that you are forced to go to jail and or forced to do community service within the parks department planting new trees.

4. Because you don't appreciate the extreme benefits of trees and what they provide, maybe you should go live in the desert or live in Lytton where a lot of their trees, trees, houses, etc have been destroyed by fire. I'm sure those unlucky people would protect trees to the utmost after what they've experienced. Trade places with them, that's where you should live. You don't appreciate trees.

Beverly Ryder

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