Canada's 'ethical' oil

Re. Patrick MacDonald's letter Canada's dirty oil (Castanet, Aug. 3)

Comparing Canadian oil to Saudi oil is like comparing apples to bowling balls.

Firstly, the carbon kilogram per barrel is calculated on the oil already in the barrel. It doesn’t account for transportation (tankers) or the burning off of natural gas.

Here in Canada, the natural gas from an oil well is put in a pipeline and used. Whereas, in Saudi Arabia it is simply burned off. It seems to me with global gas shortages, utilizing the excess gas would be prudent.

Secondly, Canada produces “ethical” oil. A true humanist would condemn any product from a nation that routinely executes people for (what it considers) wrong thinking. For example, a gay person would be executed on the spot.

Canada is the best oil producer in the world. We are great at it.

I’ll just say that when Canada is producing 10 million barrels a day, we can afford all the Liberal programs the left can dream up.

Matt Irnie, Kelowna

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