Take crime seriously, mayor

Crime and safety are of paramount importance in (Kelowna).

The contempt and disregard (Kelowna) Mayor Colin Basran has for this issue has led to its inevitable end—Kelowna now has the highest crime rate in all of Canada, with violent crime ranking second highest.

I recently spoke up about this issue at the most recent public hearing. I cited Kelowna's crime rate, which has been significantly higher than the national average, and I raised this as a concern for future downtown growth.

Many in Kelowna would agree that the downtown area is not safe, however, Basran disagrees.

He belittled and ignored the points I made, saying because numerous tourists come to Kelowna, public safety can not be as bad as people say it is.

Basran seems to value the views and interests of tourists, rather than the views and interests of his (residents).

It is shameful the shepherd in charge of this incredible and growing city has neglected this key issue facing Kelowna residents.

Kieran Gray, Kelowna

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