No oil? Then what?

Re. Patrick MacDonald’s letter Canada’s dirty oil (Castanet, Aug. 3)

Over the past couple of months, Castanet has published a number of your letters.

Let me just say, we get it, you dislike the oil industry (to say the least), you like the job that the federal Liberals are doing in running the country and you disagree with many people in the Okanagan on the topics of COVID response and government debt. There’s no need to keep repeating yourself, we hear you loud and clear.

Sadly, you don't provide any practical suggestions. You say that you like facts. OK, let's talk facts. If/when we decimate the oil and gas industry, where is the electricity going to come from to run our cars, run our railroads and trucks, heat our homes, and run our industries?

How many dams, solar panels and windmills will we need in order to replace dirty oil and gas?

Is nuclear OK or is that bad, too?

What is all this going to cost and who is going to pay that cost?

Is the timeline proposed by (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau feasible?

Shouldn't we start pretty soon with all this construction?

You appear to be OK with government deficit financing. If so, how much is "too much" when it comes to government debt? It is currently about $1.2 trillion. Are your children and grandchildren OK with $1.5 trillion? How about $2 trillion? Where is the ceiling in your mind?

Once the oil, farming, mining and forestry industries are decimated and capital investment completely dries up, where will all the good high-paying jobs be—other than building subsidized cars in Ontario and subsidized airplanes in Quebec, that is? And other than working for the government.

Where will the tax money come from to pay for education, health care, infrastructure, etc? That’s not to mention paying the interest on government debt.

(Green Party MP) Elizabeth May and Trudeau like to talk about "high-paying green jobs" to replace those dirty jobs in the dirty oil industry but even though they've been talking about them for years, I still don't see evidence of them. Where are these green jobs? Who is filling them? And how much do they pay?

I have a science background and I like research as much as the next guy. But I have not found any politician or environmentalist in Canada, as yet, who is providing answers to these questions.

You call yourself a "humanist". According to Google, a humanist "seeks rational ways of solving human problems". God knows we could use some rational solutions right about now.

Perhaps you can help?

Lloyd Vinish, Kelowna

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