On-leash dogs also concern

Re. Adam Fischer letter Most off-leash dogs friendly (Castanet, Aug. 3)

In response to Adam Fischer's letter regarding it being OK to have friendly dogs off leash, I would like to remind him that just because he claims his dog is nice and friendly, it doesn't mean that me and my on-leash dog are.

I own a cute, cuddly and friendly looking Corgi—with an emphasis on "looking". While he may look cute and cuddly, he is very protective if another dog comes running toward us off leash.

We purposely avoid the dog parks in order to stay out of this type of confrontation, which doesn't leave a lot of places to go in this city to exercise your energetic dog.

While I'm not so worried about this particular cute little Corgi doing enough damage to cause you a significant vet bill, he will likely attack first, which might provoke your dog to fight back in defense, causing injury to me or my dog.

Try to give a thought to everyone else around you Adam. Some are out walking their dogs to try and alleviate their mental health troubles, some are out trying to train their dog in proper obedience, some just want to enjoy some time outdoors without having to interact with anyone or anything, and others are just simply afraid of dogs either naturally or from a previous attack.

While you may think you are doing the right thing, it is actually frowned upon by the majority of the public and by the majority of pet owners.

Even though you think you have the right to let your "friendly" dog run off-leash in a public place, you are directly putting it in a position to get attacked by strictly trained on-leash dogs.

Not only that, but you also may accidentally trigger someone who relies on their dog for mental health into a mental health emergency.

Steve Brandel

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