Film industry aids economy

With regards to the filming in the Okanagan, people have to look at the industries they have to help offset taxes and bring employment to the area.

Talking about film unit parking, parking can be hard to accommodate for everyone involved.

As a (former) transportation coordinator, I used to ask for a couple of different locations where it meant less shuttling back and forth to the set and it would respect the locals’ area.

As I have lived in the Kelowna area and drove a tow truck here, Kelowna has a lot to offer the film industry with the different houses you find in the Mission areaas well as beach property looking out onto the lake, the parks and the buildings (old and new).

In transportation, I could spend anywhere from $500 to $2,000 a day for supplies and fuel. That helps out businesses.

If you look at other areas of film production, what it (spends) in the area all helps, especially in off seasons.

I have filmed in Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C and have found B.C. and the Okanagan have so much to offer.

It’s the people who will drive it away. The locals are the ones to welcome it, those there for the summer will be gone after the summer.

People have to respect the residents and tourists for the film community to survive.

Many ares would welcome filming. I know Penticton and even Osoyoos would welcome them and they have a fair amount they can offer and may not take advantage by over charging for permits.

Respect each other and work together and build the area, don’t kill it. It’s one more industry to help the area

Glen Tremblay

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