Random test plan pointless

Re. What it means if you're randomly selected at the airport for a COVID-19 test (Castanet, July 20)

I must be missing something here. The link above explains what to expect and what to do when entering Canada at one of the four major international airports, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

If you get randomly selected for a test, you will be given instructions, in an email, on what to do to get tested.

If you have a connecting flight, you can carry on to that flight and get to your final destination. Once home, you must seek out a testing place to get tested, and “you don't need to quarantine while you wait for results, which should come within four days, but if you test positive you'll need to isolate".

If you then test positive you must quarantine for 10 days. By the time I get my test results five days could have gone by and who knows how many people I could have come in contact with.

So what is the point of this testing?

As I see it, this is what happens. You arrive at one of the airports, are randomly selected to be tested, walk around the airport waiting for your connecting flight, get on said connecting flight, walk around your destination airport, get home and then make your way to a testing facility the next day, and finally go about your daily life until you get your results.

If you are positive, now you have to quarantine. Lord knows how many people you came into contact with before you found out you are positive and all you have to do is quarantine once you find out.

Yes you have to let the Public Health Agency of Canada know you tested positive and it will ask a bunch of questions but how on earth is it going to contact trace your steps from your initial landing in the airport up until (the time) you received your positive test result?

It seems like a lot of money wasted with zero chance of stopping the spread of Covid.

Andrew Martin

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