Poilievre will be great leader

Re: Poilievre will never be PM

Mr. MacDonald, your left-wing propaganda letter is right out of your revered leader, JT’s, playbook.

Your skewed perspective and criticism of all three men you mention—Pierre Poilievre, Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy—is actually quite pathetic and shameful but sadly typical from the sheep that cannot see more than two feet in front of them.

I won’t even get into how absurd your comments on freedom, gatekeepers and finances are with regards to Mr. Peterson’s views, as I have no interest in trying to convince you or anyone else of otherwise as each individual in this country needs to do their own due diligence and come up with their own conclusions as opposed to listening to your skewed perspective, which of course you are more than welcome to promote on any platform, as that is what freedom of speech is—something Mr. Peterson has fully promoted from the very start of his transition into the limelight and the main reason he is where he is right now. That is unlike JT, who has done nothing but try and quell freedom of speech and pretty much freedom of everything else in this country.

As far as finances go it doesn’t take a “financial expert” to see how the economy of this country has been eroded by JT and his government to the point of pretty much putting us into a full-on recession, the path of which was set long before COVID was ever around. Mr. Poilievre and the majority of Canadians can fully understand why investors are leery of investing in the fossil-fuel industry. It is because this liberal government has done nothing but strike fear into the country, and world for that matter, with their useless carbon taxes and completely unrealistic fossil-fuel free policies, driving Canadian and international investors away.

All I know is I would much rather have someone like Mr. Poilievre running this Country than the drama teacher we currently have, and my consolation is seeing him well out in the conservative leader polls and my faith in the Canadian public that they will finally see the truth about JT and his manipulative, corrupt, lying leadership.

PS: Love your Trump references that once again seems to be the norm for the far left wing of this country when threatened by anyone who thinks differently or has a different opinion than them.

Jeff Kraus, Lake Country

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