Likes readers' letters

I suspect I am not alone when I say I enjoy reading letters in this section of Castanet.

Sometimes I disagree with what the letter writer says and sometimes agree wholeheartedly. I find the down-to-earth wisdom of some of the letters makes one wonder why the decision-makers don’t have any of the same wisdom.

From the letters dated July 4, here are four examples:

Cycle lanes could be better” from someone who actually uses bike lanes, explaining how after a ton of money is spent on Ellis Street bike lanes they are almost unusable.

Build city in a proper way” describes how many basically feel developers are exploiting Kelowna, aided by our rubber stamp city council, and not helping low-income (people) or (addressing) homelessness but simply enjoying huge profits. I agree. A much different mindset would demand better.

Deal with driving test delays” Because I do not personally know anyone who needs testing, it was eye-opening. Again a different mindset could change and improve this situation.

Intersection fix suggestion” Again, someone who lives in this area has ideas that should be considered. How is it professionals can’t seem to come to any logical solutions? To them, spending millions of taxpayers dollars seems brilliant.

Keep up sending your thoughts and suggestions to Castanet and maybe one decision-maker might read them and think, “now that’s a great idea.” One can only hope.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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