Happy for lottery winners

I write a lot of letters to Castanet, and I'm always surprised to see when they choose mine to post.

I'm always impressed with Castanet's ability to choose letters from multiple viewpoints, often leaving it the only spot where you can actually hear opinions from all sides of whatever fence. A lot of my letters can be quite charged, deeply thought out or even a little bit emotional, but today I thought I'd submit something I see often on Castanet that brings me pure joy.

I just love it when Castanet posts (stories about) recent lottery winners. I have to click on the article every time they post one. The best part, for me, is seeing the picture load of the lucky winner. I can't help it, I smile and laugh every time I see their face.

I read about how they won and what they plan on spending the money on with wide eyes and a smile, vicariously living through them. "Good on you.” I think, "What a gift this must be for you and your family.”

With things getting more expensive, I can't imagine the relief these people must feel when they realize they've won. I love hearing that they plan to pay off their mortgage, buy a house, help family members or spend it on a car or vacation. A lady not long ago said her already booked trip to Europe was about to get an upgrade. I thought this was the best thing ever. Having been to Europe a couple times I imagined her living it up in Paris or Rome. She must have had a blast.

Life is tough. It's hard to find the joy sometimes. But I tell ya, I am filled with joy any time I see that person's face in front of that blue backdrop, and I love it even more when they are from a small town.

Larry from Tappen, I hope you don't think too hard about how to spend your recent win. Buy something you have always wanted and never thought you could afford, or take yourself on a week-long fishing trip and think over how you're going to spend it as you wait for the line to tighten up with a fish. Buy yourself a new fishing boat for the thinking. Either way, a huge congratulations to you. Those grocery and gas bills wont hurt as much for the time being.

You could read this letter as nothing but sarcastic—but if you do, you need to check yourself. I write this in all honesty, and I can't wait to read about the next millionaire on Castanet.

My weekly joy dose needs it.

Shonah Nykiforuk

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