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Re. Plans for deadly corner (Castanet, July 2)

I have worked in Lake Country and have lived in Ellison for 27 years. I drive this road all most every day. I’ve only seen a few accidents at Old Vernon Road and Highway 97.

I shake my head when I see people trying to turn left off Old Vernon Road on to the highway. If I ever have to make that turn, I go down Airport Way to the (traffic) lights at the airport. The speed is slower but I get a light to turn onto the highway.

There was a comment that it’s dangerous trying to turn onto the highway but with speeds of 140 kilometres per hour in a 90-kilometre-per-hour zone, that’s called excessive speed and can, and will, result in an impound of the vehicle.

Most speeders drive at 100 kilometres per hour to 120 kilometres per hour on the highway from Lake Country to the airport. So yes, it’s crazy to try to cross three to four lanes at that speed. But turning left off the highway is no more dangerous at Old Vernon Rod than the traffic back up it would cause at Edwards Road or Sexsmith Road. The traffic would even affect the roundabout at Rutland Road. People can’t get through even now. The light stalls the roundabout and drivers can’t move through the lights as they are backed up into the roundabout and everyone waits.

With the kangaroo farm (attraction), the airport is working on changing so all delivery couriers will pick up on the Old Vernon Road side of the airport and large truck will go to the area fruit packers.

With only one way to get in and out of the area, just think how bad that will mess up the traffic. A traffic light is the best way to help solve the Old Vernon Road-Highway 97 problem.

I’m not a fan of more traffic lights but we can’t just cut access off. That would just move the problem to a different area.

In my 27 years (here), I’ve seen way more accidents along the Duck( Ellison) Lake stretch of the highway. That’s probably why the RCMP sets up speed traps along that part of the highway.

I don’t think a knee-jerk reaction is the way to resolve this. It is sad the young man died. I feel for his family.

I may not have the best fix but I know cutting off access to south-bound Highway 97 from Old Vernon Road will not change people’s bad habits, just move them to the next spot.

Troy Cook

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