Not good times for women

Re, Ingrid Firley’s letter Stand up for women's rights (Castanet, June 29)

You are correct. Yes, America is a different country, but that should not stop people of the world, and especially women, from expressing fear over Women's rights in the U.S.

The (U.S.) Supreme Court ruling of not allowing women to have control of their own bodies is ridiculous. It will push women's rights back 60 years. That is the current situation in Afghanistan, with the Talaban rulers. Women are again being pushed back 50 years and it is, I believe, the poorest country in the world.

What's next in the U.S.? Is it to keep women out of the workplace, or only in “women’s” professions? A maximum salary for women to balance U.S. debt? Far fetched and stupid? I don't think so.

The entire world today does not look much better for women than the 1950s, when it comes to equality in jobs and pay, and sexual and physical abuse.

Anti-vaccination nurses lose their jobs and truckers ride on.

Kenneth Warren, Kelowna

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