Where's our price break?

I was never one to believe gas stations were “hosing” customers in Kelowna, but driving from Vancouver Island this weekend past—specifically the Victoria/Sidney area—I couldn't help but be impressed by the same pricing for regular gas from Victoria to Vancouver to Hope to Kelowna. Amazing.

My previous visits to the Island had Kelowna relatively low to the 15% to 20% premium paid on the Island and in the Vancouver area. Not so anymore.

Here in Kelowna, we're pretty close to Vancouver and Victoria pricing, $2.15 to $2.16 per litre on last Sunday.

How can that be with added “green” taxes in Vancouver and Victoria (13 cents and seven cents a litre respectively) and the need to barge gasoline to Vancouver Island at added expense relative to mainland B.C. gasoline ?

It seems like our Victoria and Vancouver politicians and their constituents are getting a gas price break from the $2.32 per litre cost of a couple of weeks ago. Where's our gasoline price break? Vernon is getting a break, why not Kelowna?

Neil Stephenson, Kelowna

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