Why protest U.S. decision?

Re. Local protests against U.S Supreme Court ruling on abortion (Roe v. Wade)

I am beginning to wonder what motivates people to carry protest signs, for example, the United States Supreme Court ruling recently on abortion that sent some Canadians into a frenzy and brought out the anti-ruling protesters to downtown Kelowna.

Firstly, this does not effect Canada’s existing laws. It is another country’s supreme court ruling. The protest will not have any effect of the decisions made in another country.

So my question is, what motivated them to make signs and protest?

In Canada we have high inflation, soaring interest rates, homelessness, opioid deaths, Quebec taking away rights from its residents because they don’t speak the (provincial) government’s preferred language, Indigenous reserves with no drinkable water for decades, soaring house prices meaning many people will never be able to afford their own home and will be subject to renting and potentially escalating rents but we chose to protest another countries supreme courts decision? Why?

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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