Canada Day disappointment

Re. Poll: Will you take in Canada Day celebrations in your city or town on Friday? (Castanet, June 27)

According to your poll, more than 50% say they will take part in Canada Day celebrations, which I find disturbing.

I realize some people have to work on July 1, but why is the number so low? Are people ashamed of our country?

I think some are, especially the truckers who had a huge hissy fit in Ottawa in January and are preparing to (protest again) again on July 1, and others want everyone to feel guilty about our past even though it's not changeable.

We should be thankful we live in a safe, peaceful country, which, yes, has its issues like any country, but Canada is still a better place than most countries.

Look at the mess the United States is in and the evil of (Russian president Vladimir) Putin. We have nothing to complain about, but as a free society we can, as long, as it's done peacefully and legally.

Happy Canada Day to everyone.

A Mullins

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