Church sermon for Ukraine

Re: Ukrainian pastor lands in Kelowna to thank community for donations ( Castanet, June 22)

The June 23 Ukrainian-Polish Discussion Panel with Dmitry Bodyu, Krzysztof Zareba, and Jonasz Topilolo can be viewed on the Lake Country Alliance Church website.

During the discussion, it was mentioned that a 24-hour Ukrainian language TV channel was specially created for the millions of Ukrainians who have crossed the border into Poland. The channel, UA24TV, includes videos such as: "What is refugee status?", "What do students say about school?" and "Rules for using intercity transport".

John Van Sloten is the lead pastor at Marda Loop Church in Calgary. His April 3 sermon, "The Stories Of Esther, Zelensky, And A God Who Risked It All For Others" is also online.

"Could it be that this millennia-old Bible story about the ironic reversal of an evil leader's plan to destroy a people could offer hope to us today? says Van Sloten in his sermon. "Then I answer and go: Well, surely this is not the end for the Ukrainian people, because God works through former beauty pageant winners. God’s the kind of God who would work through a former Ukrainian comedian and entertainer if that’s what it took to play out a plan that would save a people.

"God took a caustic tongue and transformed it into a powerful global communication tool. The whole world is listening to that man's voice... strong enough to stand up to the biggest propaganda machine that human history has ever known. Which makes me ask, and not a morally perfect character, not a morally perfect country, but makes me ask: Could Volodymyr Zelensky be here precisely for such a time as this?"

David Buckna, Kelowna

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