Lovely gesture remembered

On Friday, around 4:30 p.m., my husband and I headed to Mission Creek Park to enjoy a picnic with our two daughters.

Our youngest is just shy of two-months-old.

We were approached by a lovely woman, who kindly complimented our children and began to share the story of how she had lost her daughter 70 years ago. She explained to us she was 93-years-old and if we didn’t mind, she had something in her car for us.

We patiently waited for her to come back, only to bring us a beautiful hand-made pink blanket. She introduced herself as Doreen and told us in her spare time, she knits all sorts of outfits and blankets and visits parks often to scout out pregnant or new moms and graciously gives out her hand-made items.

She embroiders a signature heart on each item and says it means “I give you my heart.” I thought this was so beautiful and had to share the story.

May there be more Doreens in our world. And if your reading this Doreen, know you made our day and we will always remember that evening in the park.

Sarah Everson

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