Stop spending on projects

Re. Penticton city council spending

This council is approving whatever comes in front of it, making lifetime decisions for Penticton.

This is crazy, it is putting the taxpayer in debt and this should not be allowed. It is robbing other funds to do whatever it wants, with no thought of the future tax bills coming to your home.

We have to stop the madness at City Hall. Protest outside City Hall. Do whatever it takes to have (council) stop spending.

Has it not heard a recession is looming? (It’s just) spend. spend, spend.

Nobody is using the bike lane or the rink behind City Hall. Now (we have) the Kempe property and (council is) borrowing more money for the unused bike lane. That is the cream on top of their (spending) latte. This council has to go.

We cannot approve of this spending without a referendum. Do a count of the people using the out door rink or the bike lane and you will see how foolish this council has been spending our hard earned dollars.

Stop the madness at City Hall, please. No more decisions until we vote (in the municipal election Oct. 15). If this spending does not stop, we will be in debt to these useless projects for years to come.

(Instead) fund projects such as Pathways or mental health or more police and bylaw officers so we can safely walk the streets like Lakeshore Drive day or night.

Brian Kettle

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