Why maintain vax mandate?

Re. B.C. keeping vaccine mandates for public servants, health-care workers (Castanet, June 21)

In announcing the continuation of the vaccine mandates, (B.C. provincial health officer) Bonnie Henry and (B.C. Health Minister) Adrian Dix only gave reasons why health care and long-term care workers still need to be vaccinated.

They didn’t give any reason as to why provincial government employees continue to need a vaccine mandate or why (government) offices are a high-risk settings. They shouldn’t lump in office workers with healthcare workers.

Provincial government employees no longer need a vaccine to travel, go to cafes, sporting events, etc. Yet when they want to go to their office, suddenly vaccination is required. That makes no sense at all.

By keeping these mandates for government employees, (Premier) John Horgan, Dix and Henry appear to think a virus can only be spread at their arbitrarily chosen places of business and nowhere else. If government office settings are so dangerous—more so than any other place in B.C.—I’d love to hear their reasoning.

The wave will be back every fall to spring and their vaccine mandate hasn’t fixed that, nor does it appear it will. Every other country has accepted the virus is endemic, why can’t they?

The overused sentiment of “health and safety” rings hollow. If that were truly their reasoning, why did they stop the vaccine passport for everyone else? It simply defies logic.

Lee Larkin, Vancouver

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