Take back Canada's flag

As Canada Day draws near, I have heard from many people they are not raising the Canadian flag as they don’t want to be associated with the “Freedom Convoy”/anti-vaxx movement.

This is disheartening and I want to encourage people to be proud and raise their flags high.

To members of the so-called “Freedom Convoy':

Your “Freedom Convoy” does not represent all Canadians. We will not let a small group of people who spew far-right rhetoric claim the Canadian flag as theirs.

You will not have our flag. Make your own flag and fly it high. That is your right as a Canadian. Our flag does not represent a political agenda and it certainly does not represent yours.

We will challenge your individualistic narrative. We will be the voice of equality, reconciliation, and social justice. We will challenge you and it starts with taking back our flag.

There are more of us than you. We are smarter than you. We will take our flag back.

We will lift up Canadians who truly fought for our freedom and support those who fled their countries to find freedom in ours.

This Canada Day, take back our flag. Raise it high and proud.

Raise our flag and celebrate how fortunate we are to live in this beautiful country we call Canada.

Lisa Porcellato

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