More bike lanes needed

The number of e-bikes and bicycles has increased in West Kelowna, first due to COVID-19 when folks were actively looking for ways to get out during (pandemic restrictions) and now due to high gasoline prices.

On the surface, this is a good thing. Unfortunately, the City of West Kelowna has been caught without enough bike lanes to accommodate the need.

As a senior enjoying my new e-bike, I fear for my life whenever I ride (in the city). Kelowna has done a much better job of bike lanes than West Kelowna.

My fear is cyclists in West Kelowna will be injured, or worse, as this bike-riding trend rises. Beware on the roads of West Kelowna. If you are a motorist, look for bike riders on your right (when) on the roads. Share the road. Know that e-bikes are faster than a regular pedal bikes and expect them to travel faster than expected. Cyclists ride defensively and wear a helmet, it could save your life.

To West Kelowna city council, please respond to this with infrastructure to keep your residents safe. Let’s make proper bike lanes a priority in our city.

Laurie Munday

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