Bring back the parking

The City of West Kelowna has installed a new, paved walking path along Whitworth Road next to the fence, alongside a nursery. It is also installing a new trail head at the end of Whitworth Road.

I wholly support new walking, biking and hiking amenities, however, in doing so it has eliminated all the parking alongside the nursery fence. There is now no parking for the road-end beaches and parking for Pebble Beach, along the fence has been reduced to eleven small stalls.

It has also put in a curb so high you cannot open your passenger-side doors. Many of the residents on the lake side of the road have put up barriers so there is no parking on that side.

City council (members) and planning department (staff) have obviously never been to Pebble Beach, or the road-end beaches, to see the usage in the summer months.

I don’t know whose interest they are looking after but it is not the ordinary beach-going resident.

If this is what our city council and planning department thinks of the ordinary resident, I think it is time for change.

I challenge (the city) to remove the private barriers placed by homeowners on the lake side of the road, which would increase parking. If nothing is done then I think this should be an election issue in the fall.

Ken Baker, West Kelowna

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