Bring back unvaxxed drivers

Re. Bus driver shortage drags on (Castanet, May 26)

There wouldn’t be half the problems with the bus system if the companies running it, First Canada and B.C. Transit, would let the drivers they put on leave for not being vaccinated, come back to work.

(B.C. public health officer Dr.) Bonnie Henry said there was no transference of COVID-19 on the buses, and people are allowed on buses who are vaccinated and unvaccinated and without masks. So why won’t the companies let these (unvaccinated) drivers go back to work?

Many of those drivers have put their lives into the companies, they are older but not ready to retire and they want to work. But they are being told that B.C. Transit and First Canada have held off on a decision until the end of June. Why?

There is a need for these men and women, who have the experience. You can now go into casinos, go to concerts and be around thousands of people and many of them are not vaccinated. Everything has opened up to everyone. Bus drivers are behind shields, busses are sanitized and this was good enough for B.C. Transit back in 2021, before any mandates and it was approved by the Workers Compensation Board.

So the question is, what are the companies up too? They have the drivers, let them work.

L. Taylor

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