Spend on rehab centres

About that ($789 million) for the (Royal B.C.) museum in Victoria. I think that money could be spent on even better ways than earthquake issues for schools. How about new rehab centres and staff?

Maybe a whole revamp of the judicial system that starts to focus on grabbing crooks and pushing them into lifestyle rehabilitation.

B.C. is suffering from an epidemic of mental health and homelessness, as well as near homeless, not from a lack of places to look at art.

I am not stupid enough to believe all theft is done by drug users or people who suffer from mental health but even if the two issues are tied to theft, then let me point out (I do not think) the government is doing nothing to deal with drug use, mental health or theft.

With (everything) going on in the world today, it’s no wonder so many people are suffering from mental health and drug issues. The cost of living is up, we have all the wrong social programs, jobs, etc and all of that creates stress and homelessness, which ultimately creates mental health issues.

We need to start at the top of the pile to solve the problems at the bottom of the pile. But until we can actually find people to vote in who have experience with running governments and dealing with social issues, we are going to need better social programs at the bottom.

We have to stop allowing unqualified people from being able to run for government positions and we need to start increasing the amount of money we pay (for) those positions so we get qualified people applying and running for office.

You get what you pay for.

Bill Ferguson

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