Garbage advice is "garbage"

Re. Bears being killed

I was read an article recently regarding bears getting killed that said we are at fault for killing them, not the conservation officers, because we are the ones leaving our garbage outside. It all starts there.

The article said do not leave your garbage outside, put it out on the morning of collection. Don't leave your garbage outside of your house and on't leave your compost stinking outside.

I say that is garbage.

What am I supposed to do with my garbage? Keep it in my home? No thanks. Keep it in my garage, if I have one? No thanks. I don't want my garage stinking up the garage, especially in the heat of the summer.

What about the new slop pales for food scraps? That was a brilliant idea... NOT. Let's just ring the dinner bell for these bears to come eat at everyone's homes now.

The food-scrap collection was a good idea but it's also not (a good idea) at the same time.

R. Carmichael

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