Dangerous driving an issue

A recent story described the speed problems one resident was having on Spiers Road in East Kelowna.

I would like to echo her concern, as I live in the area as well. East Kelowna has many long and straight roads that people on motorcycles and in sports cars use as drag strips daily. I live on one of those streets and at least a dozen times a day vehicles and motorcycles turn onto my street and immediately race down the street at full throttle until the next stop sign.

This area is full of agriculture where there is a lot of tractors and equipment moving around on the streets. It's just a matter of time before we have another tragedy.

The roads have no shoulders and there is very little room to pass bicycles, joggers and those who simply enjoy walking in the area.

Many children ride their bikes to East Kelowna Elementary School, and as they do, they are passed by vehicles travelling well in excess of the speed limit. And in many cases, those vehicles are in the wrong lane as they pass a slower vehicle.

The police patrol this area is virtually non-existant, and most people know this.

Many times a week I slow to turn left into my driveway, signalling as I should, only to be passed on my left at a high rate of speed in the wrong lane.

It has come to the point where I have to check my driver’s mirror to make sure nobody is passing me on the wrong side of the road so I don't turn in front of them. A number of times over the years, I was almost T-boned on my driver side simply for turning left into my driveway as a vehicle tried to illegally pass me on my left.

A number of years ago, I asked for speed bumps on my street, similar to what was put on Hollywood Road. But I was told the city cannot add speed bumps because of the classification of the road. What's comical is the only place these roads go is to Hollywood Road, where there are speed bumps.

I'm not suggesting speed bumps are the (only solution) but there definitely needs to be something done to deal with the problems in East Kelowna.

I am surprised there are not more accidents in this area, but I suppose because (area) residents are so aware of the irresponsible drivers, we all take that extra precautions to avoid collisions.

However, I suspect it's only a matter of time before we will deal with another tragedy.

Kim Dobranski, Kelowna

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