Can't spin all Trudeau faults

Re.Patrick MacDonald's letter Trudeau conflicts defended (Castanet, May 23)

Where to start to refute such a ludicrous argument.

Firstly, people who say (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau is a criminal are not factually correct. There are various definitions of “crime” according to the Oxford Dictionary, however, as it notes “an action or activity that, although not illegal, is considered to be evil, shameful or wrong” is perhaps the definition people who say he is a criminal are suggesting?

1. Jody Wilson-Raybould is a lawyer who was called to the bar in 2000 and was a provincial Crown prosecutor. I cannot find any reference to her being an “activist” Her refusal regarding SNC-Lavalin was done standing up for what she, as federal justice minister, felt was right.

She recorded a conversation on Mach 29, 2019 between herself and Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick, where he stated Trudeau wanted a deferred prosecution agreement for SNC-Lavelin “one way or another.” On April 2, 2019 Trudeau expelled Wilson-Raybould from the federal Liberal caucus and stripped her of the Liberal Party nomination for the 2019 election. Under the bus you go, Jody.

2. The WE issue. The writer neglected to mention the conclusion by Trudeau that only the WE organization was capable of administering a federal contract of $456 million for the Summer Student Grant Program and when it was revealed the speakers bureau hired members of Trudeau’s family to appear at its events despite making claims to the contrary, Trudeau revealed he did not recuse himself from the decision to award the contract which appeared unethical but not criminal. It was revealed then-finance minister Bill Morneau, who also did not recuse himself from the decision, had a daughter employed by WE. Under the bus for you, Bill.

3. The Aga Khan free vacation. Trudeau was found guilty of violating Sections 5,11,12 and 21[1] of the Federal Conflict of interest Act. Why is significant? Because the Aga Khan Foundation received more than $50 million in federal funding in 2016 while (Trudeau) said he and the Aga Khan were close friends. The then ethics commissioner Mary Dawson stated in her ruling that Trudeau and the Aga Khan had undertaken no serious social interactions for 30 years, outside a single instance at the funeral of (Trudeau’s father) Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

“This lead me conclude that their relationship cannot be described as one of friends for purposes of the Act”,” said Dawson. Criminal? No, but unethical and certainly not in Canadians’ best interests.

I would love to see Mr. MacDonald spin Trudeau’s multitude of non-criminal events starting with his appearing in black/brown face admittedly at least three times, including in a video of him with a banana stuffed in his pants while wearing black makeup and pretending to be a chimpanzee.

I would like his spin on Trudeau’s B.C. groping incident, where he described that event saying “she experienced it differently.”

How about a dressing down from the leaders in India for he and his family dressing up Bollywood-style while (their hosts) were in proper business attire and who stated “we don’t dress up like here.”

Maybe explain a more recent example where (Trudeau) evoked the Emergency Act on the (truckers) “Freedom” convoy saying the police told him they needed it. But neither the RCMP nor the Ottawa Police said they requested it.

Maybe also explain why Trudeau’s itinerary on the first national Truth and Reconciliation Day indicated he was in “private meetings” in Ottawa while he was actually surfing in Tofino?

Sorry my letter is so long. Unfortunately it would be book length to outline all of Trudeaus missteps and false claims.

Robert Hepting, Kelowna

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