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Pen bike lanes "overbuilt"

My wife and I have been bicycle commuters in Penticton for years.

We don’t ride for fun, although it is fun. We bike to get to where we are going. We enjoy and appreciate the bike paths along Carmi, Government, Wade, Dawson and South Main Streets (in Penticton). We have always felt safe on those simple rights-of-way.

Frankly, we feel threatened by the overbuilt, new Martin-Fairview bike routes, both when biking and driving. The extensive signage and ridiculous plastic works are worse than unnecessary—they are hazards to all.

Does anyone doubt that micro-mobility (bikes, e-bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc.) will continue to grow globally in Canada and here in the Okanagan?

Vernon and Kelowna are two of eight cities participating in B.C.’s e-scooter/e-bike share pilot. Vernon’s mayor says the uptake has been “amazing” there. Penticton’s council is wisely positioning our city for more micromobility. It is:

• important

• economical

• healthful

• enjoyable

• modern

• sustainable

However, we call upon council to focus on the 20% of bike lane technology that produces 80% of the benefit, and do away with all the confusing, hazardous, prohibitively expensive “frue-frue.”

Jonathan Sevy, Penticton

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