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OK ending plane vax rules

Re. David Buckna’s letter No to lifting plane vax rules (Castanet, May 23)

I’ll gladly answer these questions (posed to Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola MP Dan Albas in the letter).

“If the vaccination requirement was eliminated tomorrow, how comfortable would you feel (on a scale of 0 to 10) travelling by air with a full load of passengers, if you were the only one vaccinated?"

10. Because I'm vaccinated, I have nothing to worry about. What was the point of my vaccination if I have to add 100 other layers of protection and worry about the next person?

"If the mask requirement was also eliminated, would you still wear one? Why or why not?"

No. Again, I'm vaccinated. If I am to believe the vaccine works as advertised, why would I wear cloth masks? Furthermore, if the masks are as effective as you seem to believe, you don't need me to wear mine, just wear yours.

Now a question for (Buckna):

Why did you get vaccinated if you're so terrified sitting next to an unvaccinated person? After all, the vaccine is supposed to protect you from a poor outcome.

And remember, layers of protection against a virus that isn't known for killing healthy adults in the first place, is a sad excuse for discriminating against millions of Canadians who decided to pass on a treatment they didn't feel comfortable with.

Adam Fischer, West Kelowna

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