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Reconsider your vote

Re. Joe Gluska’s letter Carbon Tax paid, passed on (Castanet, May 20)

Well said Joe.

One way to try to get the politicians in Ottawa to listen is to vote against the status quo. Our vote out here in the West means nothing, as the election is won or lost in Ontario and Quebec. Have a look at the Maverick Party website. Not saying they are the end all, but if everyone in the West voted for these guys, maybe Ottawa would stand up and take notice.

(The federal government) just uses us in the West as a cash cow—take, take, take, with never a thought to what its policies are doing to the hard-working people from Manitoba west.

Quebec says no to a pipeline (Energy East) while raking in transfer payments, even though it is not a “have-not” province. Look at how Ottawa has been scrambling to make sure Quebec does not lose a federal seat due to redefining of electoral boundaries.

If (the government) was to lose a seat in Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver due to redefining electoral boundaries, nothing would be done about it.

If more people would take notice of what Ottawa does to us Westerners on a regular basis, and not vote along party lines but vote completely against all the regular parties, maybe someone would take notice.

Jack Staeheli

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